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Beliebt: Welcher Pflanzendrink passt gut zum Kaffee? Welche Fleischalternativen sind besonders eiweißreich? Zeige mir eine regionale Alternative für Käse Zeige mir Alternativen ohne Zusatzstoffe

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19 Facts You Didn’t Know about Heura

Heura is famous for its delicious plant-based chicken and beef. However, the company is anything but typical.

Its history is as unique as the brand itself. Here are a few facts you should know about it.

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1. Heura's CEO Marc Coloma was a social, environmental, and animal rights activist before founding the company

In February 2017, Marc Coloma and Bernat Añaños co-founded the company. Coloma had the initial business idea. Before founding, he spent years as a social, environmental, and animal rights activist. He noticed that he was spending a lot of time raising the awareness of people to consume food options that do not cause harm to animals.

However, at this time, these options were not considered tasty. That’s when he decided that instead of informing people about semi-tasty plant-based options, he wanted to offer them truly delicious alternatives without sacrificing taste or texture. Añaños joined Coloma on the mission to launch attractive plant-based options. Together they want to shape the food system more sustainably.

2. Heura is not the legal name of the company

Foods for Tomorrow, S.L. is the legal name of Heura. S.L. in Spain stands for Sociedad Limitada which is a private limited company. Heura represents a brand of Foods for Tomorrow.
Heura by Food for Tomorrow

3. A "Eureka" inspired the name Heura

The choice of name was very spontaneous. One day the team of Heura was testing the product’s texture, and they achieved one they really liked. In this moment one person yelled with excitement, “Eureka.”

That was the starting point of the name discussion. The term Heura was born. The company chose this name because it sounds like a Mediterranean term and doesn’t mean anything in most languages.

4. Heura's beef emits 99% less CO2 than traditional beef

Heura believes “that the sum of many small changes can transform an entire society.” Heura is particularly concerned about the environment and also promotes its products by being environmentally friendly. Heura products use 94% less water and emit more than 99% less CO2 than traditional beef.

The forward-thinking company believes that producing meat directly from vegetables is the best way to sustainably preserve our culinary traditions without sacrificing great taste. Their mission is to address the problems of the current food system by providing sustainable, nutritious, and delicious plant-based food.

5. The company currently offers 7 different products

Heura currently offers 5 varieties of plant-based chicken and 2 varieties of plant-based beef. They are already planning to produce plant-based pork as well. The products now sold are either in frozen or cooled (=refrigerated) form:


  • Spiced Chunks (Frozen)
  • Mediterranean Chunks (Frozen or Cooled)
  • Spiced Tacos (Frozen)
  • Original Strips (Frozen or Cooled)
  • Original Chunks (Frozen or Cooled)


  • Meatballs (Frozen)
  • Burger (Frozen or Cooled)

It’s important to note that you should not freeze refrigerated Heura, as it would lose its original texture and juiciness.

Heura company

6. Heura uses olive oil in all of its products

Olive oil is for sure the most distinctive ingredient of Heura’s products compared to other plant-based meat alternatives. For their beef, they even use extra virgin olive oil, which is even more healthy.

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats, which improve blood cholesterol levels when eaten instead of saturated fats. Furthermore, olive oil is more sustainable than coconut or palm oil.

7. The products contain no GMOs, no colorants, no preservatives, nor additives

Heura keeps the ingredients list of their products very short. They use no GMOs, no colorants, no preservatives, nor additives. In addition, their products are 100% gluten-free and contain no cholesterol because they are made purely from vegetables.

8. Heura is an excellent source of protein, but not as great as traditional meat

Heura’s chicken products contain almost 40% less protein than traditional chicken, and their beef even includes 40-50% less protein than conventional ground beef. These numbers may sound alarming to you, but they are actually quite average when it comes to plant-based meat.

Every meat has its advantages and disadvantages, and unfortunately, this is a significant disadvantage of plant-based meat. However, I am confident this issue will resolve soon.

Athlete flexing their muscles
Source: Envato Elements

9. Heura's products contain carbs, yet traditional meat does not

Containing carbohydrates is quite common for plant-based meat due to its ingredients. However, the proportion of simple sugars is very low, if not zero. So, there is nothing to worry about.

10. The products are a great source of minerals and vitamin B12

Heura is an excellent source of magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Furthermore, it contains iron, fiber, and vitamin B12. Heura’s products are enriched with vitamin B12 to take into account vegetarians and vegans. Vitamin B12 is challenging to get through a vegetarian/vegan diet since it is usually consumed through meat and fish. However, a lot of plant-based alternatives have luckily started to add vitamin B12 to their products.

11. The company sources its ingredients solely from Europe also produces only in Europe

Heura’s ingredients come from European crops that do not promote deforestation. However, it is not entirely clear from which countries they exactly buy. A little more transparency would be nice in this case.

The production takes place in the Netherlands, France, and Spain. In all these three countries, Heura is available in supermarkets as well.

Source: Envato Elements

12. Heura's products are not organic because of vitamin B12

Heura claims they do not own an organic certificate since they enrich their products with vitamin B12. However, also organic vitamin B12 is available on the market. So I don’t entirely understand their reasoning. However, if someone of you has a bit more information on that, I would appreciate it.

13. The packaging is made out of 100% recycled cardboard for frozen products

Sustainability is crucial for Heura. They recently changed their packaging to 100% recycled cardboard. However, this applies only to their frozen products. Their refrigerated products are still packed in plastic, wrapped around by cardboard. However, this might be due to hygiene and better shelf life.

14. The company uses High Moisture Extrusion to obtain the fibrous structure of meat

One of the biggest challenges of Heura was obtaining the fibrous structure of meat. The company overcame this challenge with High Moisture Extrusion. The spherical plant proteins are transformed into the fibrous and elongated form of animal fiber proteins in this process.

Heura achieves the meaty texture through a mix of changes in temperature, humidity, and pressure. Once they reach the proper structure, they marinate it with olive oil, spices, salt, aroma, and a healthy dose of vitamin B12.

15. Heura is quite expensive: You pay €25 per kg chicken & €21 per kg beef

If you’re not exactly living in Switzerland, then paying €25 for a kg of chicken is probably twice or triple the price you are used to paying for 1kg traditional chicken. The beef is €21 per kg, a little less expensive and a maximum twice as expensive as conventional meat.

Heura’s products come in 160g – 220g packages, which cost €3.99 to €4.49. However, in the long-term, Heura is set to decrease this price. In addition, they offer “family packages” of 2.5kg Chicken Chunks for €48, which translates into €19.4 for 1 kg chicken.

16. The company has raised €20.3 million so far

Heura has raised €20.3 million within 4 funding rounds, according to Crunchbase. The company raised €16 million in the most recent funding round (Series A) on 23 June 2021.

Funds from the last round will go to the development of vegan pork and toward the company’s global expansion, focusing on the U.K. and U.S. markets. Their investments come from venture capital, angel investors, governmental subsidies, and crowdfunding.

17. Heura raised €4 million within 24 hours of crowdfunding

The company completed a crowdfunding campaign in which it raised €4 million within 24 hours. It surpassed its target by an astonishing €3 million. Manchester United footballer Chris Smalling also participated and invested a six-figure sum in Heura.

18. Heura's chicken is juicy and fibrous, just like traditional meat

Let’s start from the beginning. In the raw state, it looks like cooked chicken. Once prepared, there will be no visual difference between traditional meat and Heura. The preparation time is also similar to chicken. So if you ever want to prank someone by serving them plant-based instead of traditional meat, Heura would be a great choice.

As soon as you put the marinated chicken in the oven, a crust will form, making it super crispy. As soon as you eat it, you won’t notice the difference between Heura and traditional chicken. The taste and texture are basically THE SAME. It just tastes like conventional chicken. Amazing!

My friends who love to eat traditional meat even told me they don’t notice the difference. But what’s more, is that the texture is just perfect. It has the same structure and identical fibers as meat.

Heura Chicken Baked in Oven
Furthermore, the density also imitates the one of chicken nicely. It may even be a bit less dense than conventional meat. However, the low density allows the marinade to penetrate the inside of the chicken, making it super juicy

19. Heura offers one of the best chicken alternatives out there

Heura is committed to sustainability and healthy ingredients. Their products contain a lot of minerals, vitamin B12, and protein. However, the percentage of protein is low compared to traditional meat. But this applies to plant-based meat in general. When it comes to taste, it performs exceptionally well. It’s juicy, fibrous, and tastes like traditional chicken. Inarguably one of the most incredible chicken alternatives out there.

More info about Heura:

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  1. I enquired Heura about the concern suggested above on the organic certification and here the response I’d gladly like to share:

    “Hi, as a company we don’t currently use organic ingredients therefore we have not chosen to go for an organic B12 source.

    We source high quality, non GMO ingredients from suppliers we spend a lot of time to understand their work practices.

    Our mission is to speed up the protein transition so price parity to meat is our biggest obstacle. As we are already more expensive than meat (as it’s heavily subsidised) if we went organic our price would be way more expensive so it’s not viable at this stage”

    • Hey Ana,

      Thank you for sharing the response from Heura. It’s amazing that you asked them! Now it makes a lot more sense that their products are not organic 🙂

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